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December 21, 2018

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Feel Your Feet

September 6, 2016


I recently had a negative encounter with someone at a local coffee shop; when I asked to put up a flyer for my event, I was met with a swift,  “I have a problem with yoga at its roots." Now, this moment could easily been one spiked with agitation, but at this moment I heard the voice of my Guru Manorama “When you find yourself in a place of discomfort, anger or dis-ease take the time to FEEL YOUR FEET beneath you, ground yourself, remember that you know where you stand and then take a deep breath.” 

          As these words echoed in my mind they me took from a place of anger and rejection to a valued and beautiful lesson that I had long since forgotten. It's amazing to me how an experience can be so vastly different just by how you chose to not only react to it but interpret it. I was in a place of potential confrontation and suddenly I was feeling grateful for this moment. 

           I took this lesson and weaved it into a theme for my class the following day. The joy and pride that I took from guiding this class put me in a place that inspired another class and a divining meditation the next day.

          Our minds are a web of responses and reactions. If you will allow yourself to create a more positive environment for yourself, to see people and situations as an opportunity instead of an excuse, this way of thinking and live will just flow right through you.

The power of positive thinking may be a repetitive book but is also a true one. Allow the dominos of your life to fall into place by keeping your focus and staying positive. Nothing can help you more with this than yoga. With each pose there is a focal point to not only to help you focus but to find balance as well.

          This sense of balanced focus and strength will continue throughout your day as you have set into motion a positive pattern that will help you to be more confident, focused, and assertive in your goals.

          There exists a key to every door. Set in motion a habit that will create a positive flow of your actions mind and life and do it today. Life is too short to sit around and wait for things to happen. You have to make them happen yourself, and then once you have that momentum going…. Ride the wave and love every minute of it!

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