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December 21, 2018

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What is Sādhanā and how it can change your life for the better!

May 13, 2015



What is Sādhanā and how it can change your life for the better!


All that surround us effects our lives actions and hormones. It is your life! Shouldn’t you do all you can to bring in more peace—a more balanced state of mind? We all know that yoga and meditation can bring this state of tranquility. One life effects another, and the more love we can bring into this word with our own actions, the more love we will see.


The external sun and moon divide each twenty-four hours into night and day, and the internal sun and moon, i.e.: ida and pingala, are responsible for our perception of night and day; that is duality. Ida nadi predominates at night, the parasympathetic nervous system is active, there is a greater release of melatonin hormone within the brain and the subconscious mind is active. During the daylight hours pingala predominates, the sympathetic nervous system is more active and serotonin hormone is released within the brain which brings conscious functions to the fore and the subconscious mind submerges.

            The two nadis, ida and pingla, and the nervous system, pull the awareness from one extreme to the other, binding us to the duality of mundane circumstances because of the interrelationship with the external forces of the sun and moon. The entire biological system is programmed to the movements of sun and moon cycles. However, a yogi can develop control of the autonomic nervous system so that the body and mind are not swayed to the extremes. It means developing the voluntary and central nervous systems, activating sushumna nadi and ajna chakra. Such a person lives in a perfectly balanced state of being.

                                                            _Hatha Yoga Pradipika IV:17


‘Sādhanā (A Key to Freedom)

All the important text on Yoga lay great emphasis on Sādhanā or abhyāsa (constant practice). Sādhanā is not just a theoretical study of Yoga texts. Oil seeds must be pressed to yield oil. Wood must be heated to ignite it and bring out the hidden fire within. In the same way, the sādhaka must by constant practice light the divine flam within himself.’ (Light on Yoga, pg30)

            ‘The young the old, the extremely aged, even the sick and the firm obtain perfection in Yoga by consistent practice. Success in Yoga follow him who practices, not him that practices not. Constant practice alone is the secret of success. Verily, there is no doubt of this.’  (Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā, chapter I, verses 64-6.)



Just as Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”.


The change in your own life and in the lives of others starts with you—with yoga asana(poses) and meditation. Find a clear mind and you will find all you ever needed or wanted flow into your life with ease and grace. But you can’t sit on your butt and ask the world to change. You have to start with you! Start with your Sādhanā, this simple change of routine will start the day off right! Create a change in the way that we think and react.  Also, it creates momentum for other healthy habits in your life. Take for example, you get up and have a McMuffen for breakfast, then lunch time comes around and you think, well my diet is already messed up I think I will have a hamburger for lunch. As this pattern continues, a year goes by and you find yourself 50lbs heaver, you’re tardy all the time, you have trouble concentrating and you’re angry and frustrated.


Now let’s Flip this around and see the pattern or compound effect when your life starts with a Sādhanā, you feel more energetic, clear-minded and ready to make healthy choices as you have already started your day in a healthy way. With this pattern to follow, a year later you are eating cleaner than you ever have, as it helps your mind and body and you want this in your life. You look and feel better, you find others are more pleasant around you and your carrier and life in general seems to be taking off. Statistics have found that people who are early risers are more productive and thus more successful. Sadhana can help you with this, or in essence you can help you with this. Change your perspective and change your life.


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